Piesker´s Pandora of Voyabliss 

                                      LINES : Rhamjoge, Candirand's, Cattilak, Pajean's

                                        Boberan, Brannaway, Ocalicos, ....

                                                     Thanks Sibyll for this sweet cuddly girl.

                                                  PKD DNA TESTED NEGATIVE

 Pieskers Pandora was nominated for Best In Show at the FIFE Bavarian show with a good cat count so am very proud of my  Pandora,,,,Soon after she came to my cattery In Malta..                  



                         Sire: CFA CH  Summerstare's     Dam:  Piesker's Berta

      Voyabliss : Girl on Fire... aka 'Electra'...

         Our wonderful  homebred girl is another great asset to our 

                                                                                          breeding program.

 Lines : Diand s Divided, Fabuls, Sharamka, Steeplechase, Cattrax, 

 Ezluvin, Artemis,Tehy, Rolandus, Ari-Al, Bolo.....


                                        PKD DNA TESTED NEGATIVE                                      

  Sire : CFA, CH, TICA, TGC Nanfer Fir 'N' Icee X  Dam: GRC Vitas Little Russian Roulette



  GRC:Vitas Little Russian Roulette of Voyabliss...aka Thasa

   LINES : Steeplechase, Cattrax, Ezluvin, Artemis,

                                         Tehy, Rolandus, Ari-Al, Bolo.....

                  Thanks Tamara  for this wonderful sweet girl.


                                                PKD DNA TESTED NEGATIVE


              Sire:  CFA  GC  Steeplechase HotRod     x    Dam:  Junacat Rubina 


     Monella : Dazzile Eyes...of  Voyabliss ....aka  Zelaya


Thanks to my friend Connie for this amazing girl.

                                                                LINES :   Harwood ...                                                                               

                PKD DNA TESTED NEGATIVE                 

Sire: Monella Dnovan Brown   x   Dam: Monella Sinfonia   


           Carinos : Lara...of Voyabliss


                         LINES : Quartet ,Ocalicos ,Hermione ,Jubileums , Caprimoon´s

                                    Sugarspun., ´Eden Lover , Kozy Colorful ,Byhishands


                            Thanks Christine  for this sweet cuddly girl.


                                                          PKD DNA TESTED NEGATIVE


                     Sire:  Premiumcats Red Cadillac      X     Dam:  Carinos Wish Me




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