Living with my friend Luigina  in  Italy


           Voyabliss : Candy Girl...  Living in Italy


                     Voyabliss Only the Brave...

                     Living with family Anderson in USA 

            VOYABLISS : RIPPLE EFFECT .. Living in  France

           Voyabliss Sky.. Living in  Kuwait


               VOYABLISS : VANILLA FUDGE .. Living in Malta.


             Voyabliss : BlueBerry .. Living in Malta.

         Voyabliss Panda Face ..Living in Malta


           Voyabliss Blaze..Living in Malta.


              Voyabliss: Hidden Secret...living in uk


         Voyabliss : Poker Face....Living in Malta


            Voyabliss : Mona Lisa...Living in Malta

          Voyabliss : Gin Daisy....Living in Malta



     Voyabliss Summer Love...Living in Malta.


       Voyabliss  Black Russian....Living in Malta



      Voyabliss Blue Curacao....Living in Malta 

       Voyabliss After Shock...  Living in Malta



             Voyabliss : Caravaggio..Living in Malta



             Voyabliss Storm... Living in Malta